How Do You Speak Human? by Emmalynn Griffin

Short Story

2022 Cedarburg Reads Writing Contest Winner - Grades 3-5

Hello, I'm Molly Griffin, I just moved to Cedarburg, Wisconsin. My humans are trying to say something to me but I just can't figure out what they're saying. I am a black lab that lives with four human friends. Next door is my best friend Charlie. He lives there.

Oh there goes my human. She's speaking but I can't tell what she is saying. Ruff Ruff my human said looking at me. Ooh she has my leash I'm so excited. Ruff Ruff she said again. Let's go on a walk now.

"Oh hey Charlie," I said, "Oh hello Molly," Charlie said. "Hey Molly do you want to run off with me?" Charlie said. I thought for a minute, "Fine, just for a little bit," I said. "OK, let's go!" Charlie said.

Me and Charlie set off towards downtown Cedarburg! "Where are we going first?" I said. "Let's go to the Pineapple House and get a Dole whip," Charlie said. "Ok Charlie I LOVE Dole whips," I said. So we got to the Pineapple House and walked in and all we heard was RUFF RUFF. Me and Charlie looked at each other. "What are they saying?" Charlie said. "I don't know," I said, "Um, hello human." Ruff Ruff. "Why are they surrounding us Charlie?" "I don't know, maybe we should go to the Java House," Charlie said.

So we left the Pineapple House and set off for the Java House. "Charlie what are you doing, we are supposed to be going to the Java House, not chasing squirrels!" "Yeah, yeah, coming." As I approached the Java House I turned around to tell Charlie that we were almost there, but Charlie wasn't there! "Charlie! Charlie where are you!" I was scared, I ran in circles trying to think of a plan to find Charlie!

I felt like I was thinking forever when suddenly I heard, "Are you in trouble? Do you need help?" When I turn around I see a big, fluffy, pointy-eared stranger. "I'm Ranger, I am a police dog." I started feeling relieved. "Oh yes I do need your help. My friend Charlie is missing and I can't find him." I looked up at Ranger and his face was very serious. "This sounds like I need help from my human." Ranger takes his paw and pats his human on the leg. He let out a loud bark. Ranger's human turned around and said, "What do you need, Ranger?" While Ranger's human is talking I notice his shiny badge. OOH he's a police human, he can help too. The police human grabs Ranger's leash and says, "Let's go find him."

"First I think we should go to the Cedarburg Public Library. Charlie loves books." I said, looking at Ranger. "Ok let's go to the Cedarburg Public Library!" Ranger said sniffing. I followed Ranger down Washington Avenue past the Cedarburg Popcorn Company. Then Ranger turned onto Turner Street past the U.S. Bank branch, then we turned down Hanover Avenue and we saw the Cedarburg Public Library! "Finally we made it. Ranger you are such a great help," I said excitedly. "Yeah no biggie, I do this all the time," Ranger said smiling. Then we started moving again. This time we went up the stairs and into the library. Let's see if they found Charlie, I was thinking. The police human walked in with us and said, "Have you guys seen a chocolate lab named Charlie?" Then I just heard RUFF RUFF. I don't know why I can only understand the police human, maybe because he is a big help. "Well where do you want to go now Molly?" "Maybe we should go to The Chocolate Factory. Charlie loves their subs!" "Ok let's go" Ranger said in a rush, so we set off down Hanover Ave, then we turned down Center Street. I looked over at Ranger. He looked very tired, then we turned right and we saw The Chocolate Factory. "Wait I think I see Charlie!" I said running so fast. "CHARLIE WE FOUND YOU!" "Molly? You came to look for me? And who are they?" Charlie said looking very confused. "Oh this is Ranger and his police human." "Oh hello Ranger, I'm Charlie, nice to meet you." "Hi Charlie, I'm Ranger. I was wondering if you would like to get a treat at the Java House?" "Sure I would." So we set off to the Java House. When we approached we saw our humans in a panic, we ran right up to them and in my very small ear I heard a Ruff Ruff. Our humans went up to the police human and said Ruff Ruff emotionally. We all entered the Java House, the police human gave all three of us treats and gave our leashes to our humans. "Silly dogs." WAIT DID THEY JUST TALK!