Hometown Memories by Emmett Barry

Creative Nonfiction

2022 Cedarburg Reads Writing Contest Winner - Grades 3-5

          It was the last day of second grade. My mom picked me up instead of my normal babysitter, who picked us up every day. We went to pick up my other two sisters then went home. The house was empty except for a single roll of toilet paper. We were moving. The sight gushed through my head as I looked around the house. I knew we were moving, but it made me so sad that we were actually leaving. We took our sister Isla to the dentist. After the dentist, we got hungry. We grabbed a slice of pizza, then we finally left. We were on our way to Cedarburg.

          It was sad to leave Chicago but I was excited to start a new experience somewhere new. It took two hours to get to Cedarburg. We waited a long time for the movers to carry all of our boxes. My dad and uncle were already there. My dad and uncle drove a Penske truck to our new house. As me and my sisters stepped inside our house for the first time, we were so happy. We gathered toys, books and all kinds of stuff in our new bedroom.

          We got Culvers for dinner that night. It was super nice. We had a party on our huge back deck. Two days later, there was a summer party at Cedar Creek Park. It was fun. My sisters and I got balloon animals. A day after the party, my dad asked me if I wanted to sign up for any parks and rec activities. I asked my dad “What is there?” He said “There are a lot of choices”. I chose soccer, so my dad signed me up for soccer.

          My dad had quit his job to open a store. He opened earlier than expected. The Irish Boutique of Cedarburg. It was a success. I help my dad at the store on weekends. It makes me feel happy when I help because I get to meet new people and talk to them. One day, my dad took me to the Milwaukee Irish Fest. It was awesome because I rode the gondola and there was a huge rainbow playground. I also helped my dad. At the end of the day, one of the people who was helping my dad bought me a sundae, then my aunt drove me home. I remember the day I moved to Wisconsin. I couldn't have known how my life would change in a small amount of time. Sometimes I miss Chicago but I love Cedarburg and can’t wait to make more memories here!