Staff Directory Bios

Linda Pierschalla, Library Director

I have been the Library Director at CPL since we broke ground for the new library in 2013.  I grew up in Cedarburg so it was a thrill to come back and help finish the design for the new building and watch it go from a hole in the ground to the beautiful facility that it is.  I, along with many others in the community, have fond memories of time spent in the old library and I even recall going to the library when it was still in the upper level of the fire station.  My reading preferences are biographies, true life adventure, and current events.  I have been a librarian for 30 years and the best part of my job is listening to people talk about what the library, books, and reading have meant to their lives.  We are truly an essential service to our community!

David Nimmer, Assistant Director

As a 2nd generation librarian I have a lifelong love of the library world – behind the scenes. From my father’s work in the academic world to my tenure in the public library sector I feel like I have seen it all. My career has included running an audiovisual department during the transition from LP and VHS to CDs and DVDs, managing a branch library and running story times, handling special projects, cataloging and ordering books, requesting and sending books from around the world, acting as a Library Director of a medium sized library for 15+ years, and so much more. I have now settled into the role of an Assistant Director working with technology services and programs. I love it! You will find me most often running around the library checking on equipment and keeping it all running but at other times I get  to slow down and contemplate, develop, plan and implement new projects and initiatives that supports the library and the services we provide. Being busy and yet having enough time to dream fits me perfectly. I read mostly science fiction and classics but alas I am a slow reader.

Laura Beldavs, Research & Communications Librarian

I worked as a graphic designer for many years before deciding to become a librarian after seeing how my son’s school librarian taught computer and library skills, using Wisconsin author Lois Ehlert’s books in a lesson. Initially, I studied to be a Media Specialist (school librarian), but switched over to Academic Librarian when we were going to move back to the Milwaukee area. I’ve worked in several academic libraries – Princeton University, UWM Special Collections, and Concordia University, before moving over to the public library. My main goal as a librarian is to connect folks with information or a good book, either through reference, instruction, or publicity! At CPL, I’m able to use all of those, which makes the job all the more interesting – not to mention all of the fun programming my coworkers think up! The library is NOT a boring place, that’s for sure!

Kassidy O’Harrow, Adult Services Associate

I was born and raised in Wyoming and made my way over to Wisconsin at the end of 2021. I am the mother to two sons whom I love following around to every basketball court, baseball field, and golf course their events take us to. I am excited to be working in the libraries again (I was a part-time assistant at my community library in Wyoming from 2015-2021). I prefer to read non-fiction; typically, memoirs, psychology, books on social awareness, self-improvement, etc., though I am trying to branch out into some fiction reading as well, please feel free to recommend your favorite novel to me! I am looking forward to finding my place in this great community as well as exploring more of Wisconsin through hiking and camping with my children.