Public Art

Community Weaving Project Summer 2021

Stop by the library and help create a woven tapestry! Find the loom in the Maker Lab area or outside by the front door and weave in yarn, fabric strips, or ribbon to create a unique and beautiful design. The final project will be on permanent display in the Children’s section of the library.

Thanks to Laura Weber, Deb Mortl, Dean Roseland, Linda Pierschalla, Jane Messerman, and the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts.



North Wind

Artist and former Cedarburg Mayor Merlin G. Rostad created this sculpture using a CAD system and water-jet process. The sculpture was formed from a 400 pound wedge of alloy aluminum, and stands at six feet tall and four feet wide.

The name North Wind reflects grain sweeping across a field in a northern prairie, a familiar sight from Rostad’s youth in northeastern Montana. This piece was donated to the library by Rostad’s family for the grand opening of the new library building in July 2014. It is the inspiration for the library’s logo.

Hudson’s Voyage

Cedarburg sculptor c.t. whitehouse created this piece and gifted it to the library for the grand opening of the new building in July 2014. It is made out of bronze, and its sleek vessel form suggests a sense of exploration and discovery—exhibiting the idea of carrying knowledge learned through the experiences of the library.

Hudson’s Voyage is named after c.t.’s father who had little access to a library and never went to high school. The artist wonders how Hudson’s voyage may have been different if he had the same opportunities we have here today.

Wall Display

The extensive art collection on display is a gift from the private collection of artist c.t. whitehouse and author Barbara Joosse. Walk around the library to view the pieces specifically selected for their aesthetic value and relevance to the purpose of the library. You may read more about each piece on their corresponding labels and in the art binder by the Information Desk on the 2nd floor.

Book Art Tour

Art from Time’s River: The Voyage of Life in Art and Poetry (a National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. publication) is installed at the end of the bookshelves in our Adult Non-Fiction Collection (2nd floor).

Walk along the shelves, take a moment to reflect at each entry, and witness the age-old story of life unfold—changing hopes and pleasures, loves and losses, struggles, epiphanies, and inner victories.


Display space for the exhibition of artwork, crafts, and collections of unique, interesting, historical, or culturally significant items is available to artists upon agreement with Cedarburg Public Library.

Please submit an Art Application for consideration.

Jack Pachuta Art Exhibit

Jack Pachuta Art Exhibit

Exhibit on display Mar. 15, 2021 - June 15, 2021.