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Creatility CR-6 SE 3D Printer

Background on 3D printers: Since 2015, Cedarburg Public Library has provided access to 3D printers for the public. We have had great successes and major issues with our equipment over the years. We are now moving to our 3rd generation of options with the recent donation of our 4th 3D printer.

Rationale: 3D printers have been used over the years to print fun popular projects for kids, replacement parts for everything from car to washing machines, code designed 3D projects for CSD students, CAD designed objects fro all creators from all ages, and prototypes for production research. It is always exciting to help people succeed in all their wonderfully creative plans and excitement in unbracing technology. Moving forward we look forward to continue on in this tradtion with even more successes and ease of use.

Creality CR-6 SE Donation: Our new 3D pritner was purchased and donated to the library as part of a Kickstarter of a well-known and trusted 3D printer maker – Creality. We are very glad to eb the recipient of this new printer as our failure rate and repair time on the 2nd generation exceeded the production time. So onwards we go with our Creality CR-6 SE.

Video Tutorials:  Promo ; Review Video One ; Review Video Two

Reserve a time now!: Do you have your 3D object already ready to be printed with the file downloadable from the internet? Then feel free to make a reservation now using our online reservation form.Fill in all the information and make sure to indicate where the file is downloadable online. Please make a first and second color choice as our supply can vary quickly. (If you live outsode of Cedarburg or if the print is very large, charges might be incurred.)

A base reservation is 6 hours. This will cover most prints. Once the file is sliced and prepared for printing, we will have an exact print time. With this information we can adjust the time slot up or down or reschedule the pritn as time allows.

Prints must be started during library hours but they can go overnight and into the next day. Reservations can be made for up to 24 hours, if more time is needed, please make another reservation to cover the rest of the time needed.

3D Printer Policy  |  Filament Colors  |  Reserve Now!

Together with David: Want to give it a try and don’t know how to proceed? Call (262) 375-7640 x201 or email David Nimmer at: dnimmer@cedarburglibrary.org.

CR-6 SE Features:

  • 32Bit Silent Motherboard
  • Self-levelling – no adjustments needed
  • 4.3 inch Colorful Touchscreen Interface
  • Tool Storage Drawer
  • Adjustable Belt Tensioner
  • Handle!
  • Dual Z-Axis Stepper Motors w/Covers
  • Build Plate Clamps
  • Wider Y-Axis Profile
  • Filament Runout Sensor

CR-6 SE Specifiations: The CR-6 offers benefits of new technology and favorable upgrades most made to 3D printers. They include:

  • FDM Printer
  • Cartesian-XY-Head
  • 0.12-0.4mm Layer Thickness
  • 235 x 235 x 250mm
  • .1mm Precision
  • 80-100mm Print Speed
  • 260 degrees Celsius Nozzle Temp
  • 110 degrees Celsius Bed Temp
  • .01mm XY-Axis Positioning Precision
  • Carborandum Glass Build Plate
  • STL/OBJ/AMF File Types
  • Windows/Mac software
  • Creality Slicer, Cura, Simplify 3D, MatterControl (Slicers and more)
  • Offline Printing with SD Card

Filament Colors & Types: See current PLA filament colors.

Options for TPU/PETG/ABS/ASA/Tough PLA will require the purchase of a printer enclosure and some hardened steel nozzles. Would you like to donate? Making a donation for the printer enclosure would run about $69-89; a donation of hardened steel nozzles would be around $14 each. Please contact David Nimmer at (262) 375-7640 x 201 or dnimmer@cedarburglibrary.org for info how to donate.

Current special filament types and colors on hand include: PETG black, Tough PLA black, and TPU green.

Slicers: Our recommendation for slicer software would be the following three: MatterControl 2.0 (Mac, PC, Linux); Creality Slicer 4.2.9 (PC); and Cura 4.8 Beta (Mac, PC Linux). We have these available for use in the library and on at least 2 lab computers. One will be in the Maker Lab or in the Tinker Lab, the other will be in the Digital Lab. The software is also available for use at home through download/installation. At the library we have set up all three slicers with our pick of successful settings, so results may vary if slicing from home. Please contact David Nimmer at (262) 375-7640 x 201 or dnimmer@cedarburglibrary.org for best settings for slicing files at home or for a quick lesson on how the software works.

MatterControl 2.0  |  Getting Started Guide

Creality Slicer 4.2.9  |  User Manual

Cura 4.8  |  User Manual

Our Old 3D Printers: The MakerBot Replicator 2 and Raise 3D Pro 2 printers will be available for sale on eBay. Once listed, check out these links to find out how to purchase these used, but very much still functional printers!