3D Printer

Creatility CR-6 SE 3D Printer

Background on 3D printers: Since 2015, Cedarburg Public Library has provided access to 3D printers for the public. We are on our 3rd generation of printers.​

Uses: Our 3D printers have been used over the years to print fun popular, replacement parts, original designs, and prototypes for production research. It is always something new.

Creality CR-6 SE Donation: Our current 3D printer was donated to the library from a purchase during a Kickstarter campaign.

Video Tutorials:  Promo ; Review Video One ; Review Video Two

How to Print

Prepare your print: Stop by the library’s Makerlab space to prepare your 3D print. Once it is ready, schedule a time to start your print. It may be right away or it may be within a week. Basic instructions are in the Makerlab and staff can assist if needed.

Starting your print: At the beginning of your reservation staff can assist you in swapping out the filament color and with starting the print. After it starts you can stay and watch, or stop by after it is printed and pick it up at the Checkout Desk. Prints must be started during library hours but they can go overnight and into the next day. Reservations can be made for up to 24 hours, if more time is needed, please ask for assistance.

Please contact David Nimmer at (262) 375-7640 x201 or email dnimmer@cedarburglibrary.org for more information.

3D Printer Policy  |  Filament Colors

CR-6 SE Details

CR-6 SE Features:

  • 32Bit Silent Motherboard
  • Self-levelling – no adjustments needed
  • 4.3 inch Colorful Touchscreen Interface
  • Tool Storage Drawer
  • Adjustable Belt Tensioner
  • Handle!
  • Dual Z-Axis Stepper Motors w/Covers
  • Build Plate Clamps
  • Wider Y-Axis Profile
  • Filament Runout Sensor

CR-6 SE Specifiations: The CR-6 offers benefits of new technology and favorable upgrades most made to 3D printers. They include:

  • FDM Printer
  • Cartesian-XY-Head
  • 0.12-0.4mm Layer Thickness
  • 235 x 235 x 250mm
  • .1mm Precision
  • 80-100mm Print Speed
  • 260 degrees Celsius Nozzle Temp
  • 110 degrees Celsius Bed Temp
  • .01mm XY-Axis Positioning Precision
  • Carborandum Glass Build Plate
  • STL/OBJ/AMF File Types
  • Windows/Mac software
  • Creality Slicer, Cura, Simplify 3D, MatterControl (Slicers and more)
  • Offline Printing with SD Card